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G. De Laurentis Numerical techniques for analytical high-multiplicity scattering amplitudes. Thesis
J. Reiness Pieces of the Higgsaw. Thesis


S.Webster Improved Monte Carlo simulations of massive quarks. Thesis


F. Buciuni Applications of Modern Methods for Scattering Amplitudes. Thesis
J.Cruz-Martinez Higgs Production at NNLO in VBF. Thesis
M.Kirk Charming New Physics in Beautiful Processes? Thesis
R.Linten Precision simulations in Drell-Yan production processes. Thesis
Qi Wang Simplified Models and Effective Theories in Searches for New Physics. Thesis


H. Brooks Multi-jet Phenomenology for Hadron Colliders in the High Energy Limit Thesis
T.Jubb Dark Matter : No Place for WIMPs. Thesis
D.Napoletano Treatment of quark masses in b-associated production at the LHC Thesis
M.Ross-Lonergan A multi-signature approach to low-scale sterile neutrino phenomenology Thesis
D.Scott Effective Field Theories for Top Quarks at the LHC and Physics Beyond the Higgs Boson Thesis
J. Turner Leptonic Flavour Symmetries and their Cosmological Dynamics Thesis


A. Barreira Structure formation in modified gravity cosmologies Thesis
T. Morgan Precision Z Boson Phenomenology at the LHC Thesis
G. Tetlalmatzi Xolocotzi On new physics in non-leptonic tree level b-quark decays and hadron-quark duality violations Thesis
P. Petrov Signal Classification Techniques for Searches and Measurements at the LHC Thesis
S. Armstrong Next to Leading Order Calculations for Higgs Boson + Jets Thesis
R. Wilkinson Deciphering Dark Matter with Cosmological Observations Thesis
E. Mavroudi Navigating into the realm of Non-Supersymmetric String Theories Thesis
S. Kuttimalai Monte Carlo Simulations for BSM Physics and Precision Higgs Physics at the LHC Thesis


A. Wilcock Improved Treatment of Hard Radiation in New Physics Processes at the LHC Thesis
X. Chen Hadronic Production of a Higgs Boson in Association with a Jet at Next-to-Next-to-Leading Order Thesis
D. Busbridge Supersymmetric model building with Dirac gauginos Thesis
C. Wallace The Low Energy Phenomenology of a Dark Force Thesis
J. Thompson High precision simulations of electroweak physics with Sherpa Thesis
D. Galloni Supersymmetric Field Theories, Scattering Amplitudes and the Grassmannian Thesis


I. Fridman-Rojas Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology at Next-to-Leading Order at the LHC Thesis
J. Davis The Character of Dark Matter Thesis
O. Hall Perturbative Corrections in SHERPA Thesis


C. Wymant Signs of SUSY Thesis
D. Kaviani Aspects of D-Brane Inflation Thesis
P. Ballet Probing leptonic flavour with future long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments Thesis
L. Pascalius N3LO-Renormalon-Inspired Resummations and Fully Analytic Infra-red Freezing in Perturbative QCD Thesis
S. Roy Constraints on a Minimal Hidden Photon with Kaluza-Klein Excitations in Large Extra Dimensions Thesis
S. Wells Infrared Structure of Dijet Production at the LHC Thesis
M. Yip Rare Decays of Heavy Baryons using Soft Collinear Effective Theory Thesis


K. Morgan The scale dependence of perturbative QCD predictions for e+e− event shape moments and LHC observables Thesis
S. Roy Constraints on a Minimal Hidden Photon with Kaluza-Klein Excitations in Large Extra Dimensions Thesis
A. Papanastasiou Off-Shell Effects for Top Quark Production at Hadron Colliders Thesis
M. Rodgers Automation of one-loop corrections for multi-particle processes Thesis
C.F. Wong Phenomenology Of Sterile Neutrinos At Different Mass Scales: Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay And Neutrino Oscillations Thesis
D. Winn Monte Carlo Simulations of Heavy Particles for the Large Hadron Collider Thesis
J. Currie Antenna Subtraction for NNLO Calculations at the LHC Thesis


J. Carter Higher Order Corrections in Perturbative Quantum Field Theory via Sector Decomposition Thesis
J. Archibald An Automated NLO Framework in Sherpa Thesis
E. Jennings Simulations of dark energy cosmologies Thesis
P. Mellor Off-Shell Effects for Single Top-Quark Production Processes at Hadron Colliders Thesis


A. Bharucha B -> K mumu and form factors for semi-leptonic and radiative B decays; Thesis
A. Fowler Higher order and CP-violating effects in the neutralino and Higgs boson sectors of the MSSM Thesis
T. Li Phenomenology of a low-energy neutrino factory and related experiments Thesis
L. Matos Supersymmetry Breaking: Models of Gauge Mediation with Gauge Messengers Thesis
E. O'Callaghan Traces of Extra Dimensions in Cosmology Thesis
F. Siegert Monte Carlo Event Generation for the LHC Thesis
J. Tattersall CP-violation in cascade decays at the LHC Thesis
C.Williams Hadronic production of a Higgs boson in association with two jets at next-to-leading order Thesis
D. Wilson Studies of Light Scalar Mesons and Dressed Gauge Propagators in QCD Thesis
J.J. Cobos-Martinez Static and dynamic properties of the pion from continuum modelling of strong QCD Thesis


C. Durnford Duality and Models of Supersymmetry Breaking, Thesis
N. Ikizlerli Quark and Gluon Form Factors At Three Loops In Perturbative QCD Thesis
C. Orme Phenomenology of long baseline neutrino oscillation Beta Beam experiments and their related technologies Thesis
S. Palmer Higgs production via weak boson fusion in the Standard Model and the MSSM Thesis
J. Pires Infrared subtraction at next-to-next-to-leading order for gluonic initial states Thesis
J. Tully Monte Carlo simulations of hard QCD radiation Thesis


M. Gigg Monte Carlo Simulations of Physics Beyond the Standard Model Thesis
S. Hoeche Perturbative QCD in Event Generation Thesis
K. Ozeren Multiparton Scattering Amplitudes with Heavy Quarks: Calculational Techniques and Applications to Diffractive Processes Thesis
K. Williams The Higgs Sector of the Complex Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model Thesis


G. Brown Finite Scattering Amplitudes in Field Theory Thesis
S. Rimmer Neutrino masses and lepton flavour violating phenomena in the MSSM Thesis
G. Jones Meson Distribution Amplitudes: Applications to Weak Radiative B Decays and B Transition Form Factors Thesis
R. Williams Schwinger-Dyson Equations in QED and QCD - The calculation of fermion-antifermion condensates Thesis


S.D. Badger On shell methods for perturbative QCD Thesis
P.M. Brooks Infrared Behaviour and renormalization scheme invariance of QCD observables Thesis


T.G. Birthwright Two loop vertices and tree level multicollinear limits in QCD Thesis
M.J. Dinsdale The scheme-dependence of power correction fits to event shape observables Thesis
G. Georgiou Thesis
J. Haestier Higher-order supersymmetric contributions to Electroweak Precision Observables Thesis
M. Morley-Fletcher Covariant infrared finite amplitudes Thesis
A.N. Talbot Non-leptonic B-decays in and beyond QCD factorisation Thesis


D.A. Forde Infrared Finite Amplitudes Thesis
D.M. Howe Infrared Behaviour of QCD Observables Thesis
J. Levell Aspects of Model Building in Noncommutative Quantum Field Theories Thesis
A.W. Owen Interactions in D-brane Configurations Thesis
G. Watt Parton Distributions Thesis


L.W. Garland Two-loop helicity amplitudes in QCD Thesis
A. Koukoutsakis Higgs Bosons and QCD Jets at Two Loops Thesis
P.H. Williams Hadronic Higgs Production with Forward Jets Thesis


K.L. Adamson Vector boson pair production at hadron colliders Thesis
J. R. Andersen Monte Carlo Studies of BFKL Physics Thesis


C. Anastasiou Two-Loop integrals and QCD scattering Thesis
M. A. Kimber Unintegrated Parton Distributions Thesis
M. E. Tejeda-Yeomans Parton-Parton Scattering at Two-Loops Thesis