The Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology has won an international reputation for its research into particle physics. Information about its wide range of research activities can be found below.


The IPPP carries out research into many aspects of Particle Physics Phenomenology ranging from QCD to physics Beyond the Standard Model. These pages give an up-to-date and accessible account of the groups research. Periodically the IPPP makes a presentation on one of its areas of research. For recent summaries of work in Strong Interactions, Flavour and Neutrino Physics, Monte Carlos and Beyond the Standard Model Physics click here

Related Research

Members of the group also carry out research in related fields of particle theory including Non-perturbative Field Theory, String Theory and Gravity, Topological Solitons and Nonlinear Dynamics

Visitor Programme

The IPPP welcomes visitors from both the theoretical and experimental communities. The Visitor Programme supports visits from several days to several weeks duration