Welcome to the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology

The IPPP was founded in 1999 as the UK’s national centre for particle phenomenology, researching the properties and behaviour of the most fundamental building blocks of nature. Since then, we have grown to become one of the largest particle phenomenology groups in the world. Our research sits at the interface between theoretical particle physics and experiments ranging from particle colliders to gravitational wave detectors. We host an extensive programme of workshops and conferences for the international particle physics community, helping to shape the future of particle physics in the UK. Promoting public understanding of fundamental physics is also central to the IPPP’s goals, particularly with outreach to schools and teachers as well as online content.

Recent IPPP Preprints

Enrico Bothmann, Davide Napoletano, Marek Schönherr, Steffen Schumann, Simon Luca Villani

C.A. Argüelles, I. Esteban, M. Hostert, K.J. Kelly, J. Kopp, P.A.N. Machado, I. Martinez-Soler, Y.F. Perez-Gonzalez

Anisha, Supratim Das Bakshi, Shankha Banerjee, Anke Biekötter, Joydeep Chakrabortty, Sunando Kumar Patra, Michael Spannowsky

T. Cridge, L.A. Harland-Lang, A.D. Martin, R.S. Thorne


November 1, 2021

The IPPP mourns the sudden loss of Graham Ross. Graham was an exceptional scientist of international renown and a kingpin of theoretical physics in the UK. He was well known for his outstanding...

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October 22, 2021

We congratulate Andrew Blance for defending his PhD thesis. For his PhD, Andrew developed novel (quantum) machine learning methods to search for new physics in LHC data. Thus, his work is based on...

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