Information for Thesis Submission

Some collected information for IPPP PhD students about submitting your thesis.

Most of the information you need is on the university page here, which details what forms you need to fill in and what your thesis should look like (i.e. margins, layout, etc.).

Broken down, there are three main things you need to do:

Writing your thesis

Writing your thesis – you can use this template which is a version of the template from Maths which has been floating around for years, adapted for the IPPP.
Explanation of how to use it is on the github page – it is set up as a GitHub template repo so you can easily use it to set up your own thesis repo on GitHub.

Decide on examiners

Decide on examiners – once you’ve done this, you/your supervisor fills out the form linked on this page.
The main information you will need to find out is how many people your two examiners have supervised, and how many vivas they’ve done.
You don’t need to sort out signatures for the last section on that form yourself, you can take it to Joanne Richardson / Emma Worden (postgrad administrators, currently in room Ph105) and they will get it signed.
Despite what the official website says, you don’t have to get this done before handing in, it just means the University doesn’t do anything with your thesis until you do.

Printing and handing in

Official information is here.
There’s a form you have to fill out and have your supervisor sign.

To get it printed, send an email to the Physics Communications office and they will print and bind your thesis.
They will do up to three copies for free, two for handing in and one to keep yourself for making notes on. This takes about a day.