Professor Jeppe Andersen

IPPP Staff representative

Until 30 September 2023

Professor Freya Blekman

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Until 30 September 2022

Professor Dave Charlton (Chair)

University of Birmingham

Until 30 September 2022

Professor Clare Burrage

University of Nottingham

Until 30 September 2023

Professor Michael Spannowsky

IPPP Director

ex officio

Professor Tim Gershon

University of Warwick

Until 30 September 2024

Professor Aidan Robson

University of Glasgow

Until 30 September 2023

Professor Tao Han

University of Pittsburgh

Until 30 September 2023

Professor Gavin Salam

University of Oxford

Until 30 September 2023

Professor Daniel Maitre

IPPP Deputy Director

ex officio

Karen Clifford / Sarah Verth

STFC (Particle Physics Programme Manager)

In attendance

Professor Morgan Wascko

Imperial College

Until 30 September 2022

Ms Joanne Bentham

IPPP (Administrative Secretary)

In attendance

Nominations for the IPPP Steering Committee:

The IPPP relies heavily on Steering Committee as a conduit for input from the Particle Physics community. The Steering Committee meets twice per year and is an essential element in overseeing the research programme of the Institute and ensuring that the Institute is responsive to the needs of the UK particle physics community. Committee members regularly rotate off the committee and the IPPP would like to offer the opportunity for individuals to help shape the activities of IPPP. We are looking for both theorists and experimentalists.

If you would like to nominate a colleague or yourself to be a member of the committee, please email your suggestions to the IPPP director before 31st August this year. The Steering committee’s Terms of Reference can be found here.

A list of former members of the Steering committee can be found here.