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As a vital part of our engagement with the wider UK particle physics community, each year IPPP organises an extensive series of workshops. They range from focused research meetings to large conferences (including the UK Annual Theory Meetings, the Higgs Maxwell Workshops or the UK HEP Forum), international summer schools and the annual Young Experimentalists and Theorists Institute (YETI).

Examples of recent meetings driven by the LHC agenda include: Standard Model @ LHC, CERN- IPPP Workshop on SUSY Breaking, QCD @ LHC, Joint ATLAS UK Theory meeting, BSM 4 LHC @ IPPP, Electroweak Corrections to LHC physics, and so on. IPPP has also sponsored/organised topical meetings on neutrino physics, B-physics, gravity and holography, astro-particle physics and on advanced computational techniques. Durham hosted the SUSY conference in 2005 and will be co-organising SUSY 2014 in Manchester. So far IPPP have organised more than 185 workshops and a full list is available below.

Call for Workshop proposals

IPPP invites members of the UK particle physics community to propose topics for workshops to be co-organised with IPPP staff. To apply, click here.

To view all of our workshops, meetings, and conferences on indico click here.

Workshops Archive

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Forthcoming Workshops

Our forthcoming events can be seen here. For previous events please use the archive above

Mon, 03/04/2017

Welcome to DIS2017, the 25th in a series of International Workshops covering an eclectic mixture of material related to Quantum Chromodynamics and DIS as well as a general survey of the hottest current topics in high energy ph

Tue, 18/04/2017

Neutrino-nucleus scattering is a critical input to present and future neutrino experiments.

Organisers: Peter Ballett, Jacek Dobaczewski, Keith Ellis, Teppei Katori, Ken Long, Jorge Morfin, Silvia Pascoli, Paul Soler, Dan Watts
Tue, 25/04/2017 - London - Blackett building, room 539

This informal, brainstorming workshop held in conjunction with the IPPP will focus on the Standard Model measurements of vector boson + jets processes that we can perform in Run 2 of the LHC to enhance our understanding of the

Organisers: Sarah Malik, Bjoern Penning, Jonas Lindert
Mon, 22/05/2017 - Lumley Castle

The main focus of this meeting is to present new theoretical advancements related to effective field theories, evaluate the impact of results from the LHC Run2, and discuss proposals for data interpretation/presentation during

Organisers: Keith Ellis, Ramona Groeber, Benjamin Pecjak, Michael Spannowsky, Andre David, Michael Duehrssen, Adam Martin, Francesco Riva, Michael Trott


Mon, 26/06/2017

Associateship-workshop with Marco Gersabeck, Manchester

Organisers: Marco Gersabeck, Alexander Lenz
Mon, 03/07/2017 - Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, Edinburgh
Organisers: Einan Gardi

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