Stan Brodsky visits IPPP

April 14, 2008

We are very pleased to welcome Professor Stan Brodsky to the IPPP for a six month sojourn from the Theoretical Physics group at SLAC.
Brodsky’s research areas span many areas of high-energy and nuclear theoretical physics, especially the quark-gluon structure of hadrons and novel effects in quantum chromodynamics; fundamental problems in atomic, nuclear, and high energy physics; precision tests of quantum electrodynamics, light-front quantization; nonperturbative and perturbative methods in quantum field theory; and the application of AdS/CFT to Quantum Chromodynamics. He has contributed to a number of books and over 440 scientific articles. 
In 2007, the American Physical Society recognised his enormous contribution to the field with the  J. J. Sakurai Prize in high energy theoretical physics. The Sakurai prize is awarded annually by the American Physical Society to recognize and encourage research in particle physics and is one of the highest honors given in the field of high energy physics.