Hunting the Higgs at the Centre for Life

March 4, 2008

In spring 2008 the start button for the biggest scientific experiment in the history of mankind will be pressed. The World’s most powerful particle smasher, aka The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), will recreate the conditions in our Universe less than one billionth of a second after it began. ‘ Big Bang’, a touring exhibition describing the LHC and supported by STFC, visited the Centre for Life in Newcastle in early 2008.
A total of fourteen members of the IPPP manned the exhibition over the school spring half term. Their mission was to explain to the many visitors the science behind the LHC, highlight the role of local scientists in the LHC project, and to provide hands-on activities to enhance the touring exhibit.The ‘Hunt the Higgs’ game proved very popular with children, who left proudly wearing their ‘I’ve Hunted the Higgs’ stickers.
Has anybody seen a Higgs Boson?