New round of Senior Experimental Fellowships at IPPP

June 6, 2017

To be awarded to small teams led by senior UK PP experimentalists.
Duration 1 year, start date 1 January 2018
Application closing date: 31st August 2017
Value up to £10,000
These are awarded to small teams led by senior UK experimentalists and involving more junior researchers (postdocs and students) to support participation of UK experimentalists in the IPPP Phenomenology Network. The Fellowships are for one calendar year with a possibility of extension for another year. Starting date 1 January 2017.
The Senior Experimental Fellowships are funded by IPPP, and are intended to cover travel and local expenses to support visits of the team to Durham. The goal of the Fellowships is to support IPPP engagement with UK experimentalists, to stimulate their participation in the IPPP UK phenomenology network by strengthening research links, and to create new initiatives between the experimental and theoretical communities in the UK.
Applications for Senior Experimental Fellowships are invited from leaders of the teams and should contain a brief description of proposed activities, a programme of visits to Durham by team members, and proposals for engagement with the IPPP UK phenomenology network activities. These activities can include (but are not limited to) involvement in Topical IPPP Annual Research Programmes. Applicants are invited to send a two page proposal electronically to IPPP Director ( with a copy to the IPPP Secretary Linda Wilkinson ( by 31st August 2017
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