We are looking for nominations for new members for IPPP Steering Committee

June 6, 2017

The vacancies are for theorists and experimentalists.
Retiring members are Alan Barr, Cristina Lazzeroni and Robert Thorne
The IPPP relies heavily on the input of the Particle Physics community to participate in its Steering Committee. The Steering Committee meets twice per year and is an essential factor in overseeing the research programme of the Institute and ensuring that the Institute is responsive to the needs of the UK particle physics community.
Some of the committee members will soon complete their term of office and the IPPP would like to offer the opportunity for individuals to help shape the activities of IPPP. We are looking for one UK theorist, and one or two experimentalists.
The current membership and terms of reference can be found at this web address
If you would like to nominate a colleague or yourself to be a member of the committee, please email your suggestions to keith.ellis@durham.ac.uk before 31st August 2017 at the latest.