IPPP is inviting applications for a new round of IPPP Associateships

June 6, 2017

To be awarded to small teams led by senior UK PP experimentalists.
Duration 1 year, start date 1 January 2018
Application closing date: 31st August 2017
Value up to £3,000
Each Associateship will have a value of up to £3,000 per annum and last for one year, although it can be extended for the second year following the normal application procedure. The Associateships are funded through the IPPP. Applications are reviewed and awards are made by the IPPP Steering Committee.
The aim of this programme is to support particle physics phenomenology research in the UK. The Associateship will be awarded to individuals or small teams to support their research programme and used for visits of the Associate to IPPP and visits of IPPP staff, PDRAs or students to the Associate’s institution, and for support of research meetings and conferences organised by the Associate and members of the Institute. The Associateships will be awarded on the basis of scientific excellence bearing in mind the need to balance activity in different areas of phenomenological research.
Applications are welcomed from both theorists and experimentalists. Priority will be given to projects which are either enabled, or significantly enhanced, by the award of the Associateship. It is expected that an Associateship will lead to enhanced interactions and enable new collaborations between the Associate, the Associate’s Institution and the IPPP. You are encouraged to discuss your application with members of the IPPP with whom you plan to collaborate before submission. Associates will be expected to contribute to the IPPP workshop programme.
Applicants are invited to send a one page proposal electronically to IPPP Director (keith.ellis@durham.ac.uk) with a copy to the IPPP Secretary Linda Wilkinson (l.a.wilkinson@durham.ac.uk) by 31st August 2017. The proposal should outline the proposed research programme and briefly describe how the funds will be used
• to enhance the research of the Associate
• to increase collaboration with the IPPP
All successful IPPP Associates are required to submit a one page final report outlining their activities by the end of the year.
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