James Black

Office: OC118

Tel: x43753

A Brief History of Nearly Everything

I’m a PhD student, I received my MPhys from Durham University in 2016. My primary supervisor is Jeppe Andersen.

I have my own webpage!

Research Area

My work is mostly encompassed within the Monte Carlo Generator called “High Energy Jets” (HEJ) which describes processes involving two or more jets in the limit of large rapidity separation. HEJ recently had a public release.

It does this by building upon traditional methods resummation methods to be applied to fixed order results – by including some large logarithms which arise in the high energy limit. This inclusion of logarithms in HEJ means that HEJ as released above is Leading Log accurate. My work to date has mostly been looking into subleading effects, and building the pieces together required to make the predictions from HEJ Next-to-Leading Log accurate. While this work is not finished, all of the “real” (i.e. not imaginary) pieces have been calculated and verified against a second calculation.

Research Interests

My research interests are mostly contained within the realms of resummation, and within electroweak boson production in association with multiple jets. HEJ works on high energy logs, and this result can be combined with the typical resummation which takes place in parton showers (via a DGLAP resummation) to improve the result further. This can be seen in the function on HEJ+Pythia, which is soon to be released in conjunction with HEJ2.

Recent Talks

I have presented my work at a few conferences

  1. Deep Inelastic Scattering, 2019, Turin (UPO)
    Next-to-leading logarithmic processes in High Energy Jets
  2. Student Seminar, 2019, Durham (IPPP)
    Subleading processes in High Energy Jets
  3. Monte Carlo Network Meeting, 2018, Geneva (CERN)
    HEJ: The Path to NLL