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CP violation in the lepton sector underlying the matter-antimatter asymmetry?

Following a recent measurement of the T2K Collaboration, in a Nature News and Views article Silvia Pascoli and Jessica Turner have discussed the question whether CP violation in the lepton sector can be a key ingredient to the matter-antimatter asymmetry in our Universe:… For the T2K report see

Computing Resources Donated to Covid-19 Research

Some of the ressources of the IPPP Computer Cluster are donated to the GridPP support for simulating the dynamics of COVID-19 proteins through the distributed computing project Folding@Home. Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, the support for Folding@Home has passed 1.5ExaFlops; the GridPP contribution will be significant. Links:…

Memoir of James Stirling

The Royal Society Biographical Memoir of James Stirling, the Founding Director of the IPPP, can be accessed here.

New IPPP director

After nearly five years at the helm of the IPPP Keith Ellis stepped down from his post as Director on the 31st of December 2019. All IPPP members would like to thank Keith for his tireless efforts leading the institute and raising its recognition nationally and internationally. Keith will continue to be one of IPPP’s …

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Annual Theory Meeting 2019

Over 150 Physicists gathered for the Annual Theory Meeting, Dec16-18. Speakers from Canada(1),France(1), Germany(2), India(1),UK(4) and USA(2) provided an overview of the current status of particle physics.

Job opening for Assistant Professor

The IPPP seeks to appoint a talented scientist to the role of Assistant Professor in Particle Physics Phenomenology. The application deadline is 13th December 2019. More information can be found under

Is Planet 9 a black hole?

Jakub Scholtz (IPPP) and James Unwin (University of Illinois) address the question whether Planet 9 is a small black hole, a left over from the Big Bang, in their latest research article. For more details see:…

James Stirling Memorial

Durham Vice-Chancellor Professor Stuart Corbridge formally announced the renaming of the IPPP seminar room as the “Stirling Room” to celebrate the life and work of Prof. James Stirling CBE FRS, who was the founding director of the IPPP from 2000-2008. The picture shows the Vice Chancellor unveiling the picture of James which is now displayed …

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