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Marian Heil finishes his PhD!

In a remote viva Marian Heil successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “High energy corrections to the production of Higgs-boson plus dijets in QCD”. Congratulations to him and all the best for his future plans in Germany! The abstract is shown here and the full thesis is here. With the expected increase in statistics provided …

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Ruth Gregory appointed Head of Department at King’s College London

After 15 years as a member of the IPPP Ruth Gregory has accepted the position of Head of Department at Kings College London. The IPPP congratulates Ruth on her appointment and wishes her all the best in her new role, which she will take on in very challenging times! King’s College announcement

New PDG Review on ‘High energy soft QCD and Diffraction’

We congratulate Valery Khoze, Misha Ryskin and Marek Taševský for completing a new review on ‘High energy soft QCD and Diffraction’ as part of Particle Data Group’s 2020 edition. You can find the review here

Joey Reiness completes his PhD!

Our PhD student Joey Reiness completed his PhD and defended it in a remote viva this week. Congratulations to him! His thesis is titled Pieces of the Higgsaw and its abstract is below. The full thesis is also attached, here. ABSTRACT: The discovery of a 125 GeV scalar boson at the Large Hadron Collider in …

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CP violation in the lepton sector underlying the matter-antimatter asymmetry?

Following a recent measurement of the T2K Collaboration, in a Nature News and Views article Silvia Pascoli and Jessica Turner have discussed the question whether CP violation in the lepton sector can be a key ingredient to the matter-antimatter asymmetry in our Universe:… For the T2K report see