IPPP researcher wins prize at RADCOR09

November 3, 2009

IPPP postdoctoral researcher Daniel Maitre was awarded the Centro Stefano Franscini Best Presentation by a Young Researcher Award at the 9th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections (Applications of Quantum Field Theory to Phenomenology) in Ascona, Switzerland last week.  He received a framed certificate and 500SF.
Daniel presented his work on W+3 jet production at the Tevatron and Large Hadron Collider at next-to-leading order in the strong coupling based on the BlackHat and Sherpa packages. 
Daniel (second from right) can be seen receiving his prize with (left to right) Claudia Lafranchi Cattaneo, the manager of the Ascona Office of the
Centro Stefano Franscini, the conference organiser Thomas Gehrmann (Zurich), the closing speaker Keith Ellis (Fermilab).
A copy of Daniels winning presentation can be found via the link here.