IPPP Associates 2009-10

November 3, 2009

The IPPP Associates for 2009-2010 and their associated projects are listed below.
Costas Andreopoulos (RAL)     GENIE Universal Neutrino Monte Carlo Generator
Alan Barr, Sinead Farrington, Claire Gwenlan (Oxford)     Vector Boson Fusion and Monte Carlo understanding at Hadron Colliders
Thomas Binoth (Edinburgh)     Higher order amplitudes for LHC Monte-Carlo tools
Mrinal Dasgupta and Jeff Forshaw (Manchester)     Soft gluon technology for the LHC era
Nick Evans (Southampton)     Holographic Modelling of Hadronization
Nikolas Kauer (RHUL)     Optimising predictions for Higgs/BSM searches at the LHC
Paul Newman (Birmingham)     Strong Interactions and Low x Physics at HERA and Beyond
Mike Seymour(Manchester)     Herwig++ User Support
Robert Thorne (UCL)     QCD and parton distributions for hadron colliders
Matthew Wingate (Cambridge)     Lattice QCD and Flavour Physics
The aim of this programme is to support particle physics phenomenology research in the UK. The Associateships are awarded on the basis of scientific excellence bearing in mind the need to balance activity in different areas of phenomenological research including beyond the standard model physics, electroweak and Higgs physics, flavour physics, model building, Monte Carlo simulations, neutrino physics, particle astrophysics and strong interactions.