IPPP Graduands 2007

January 11, 2008

Four new graduands were admitted to the ranks of PhD’s at the Winter Congregation on Friday 11th January swelling the number to 25 since our formation in 2000.  Dr Gareth Brown (Finite Scattering Amplitudes in Field Theory), Dr Gareth Jones (Meson Distribution Amplitudes: Applications to Weak Radiative B Decays and B Transition Form Factors ), Dr Steven Rimmer (Neutrino masses and lepton flavour violating phenomena in the MSSM) and Dr Richard Williams (Schwinger-Dyson Equations in QED and QCD – The calculation of fermion-antifermion condensates) all satisfied the examiners with flying colours – and copies of their theses are available on the IPPP website.  
IPPP Director Nigel Glover said PhD students are the life-blood of the Institute.  We rely on outstanding young people, such as these, to drive the subject forward and then take their analytical and problem solving skills out into the wider community.  Each of them has contributed enormously to the atmosphere at the Institute over the past few years.