CERN art @ the Ogden

January 30, 2008

On Thursday 24th January, the ‘CERN art @ the Ogden’ exhibition opened to the  public.    In September 2007, the IPPP hosted a three day trip to CERN for seven A level art and physics students from Heworth Grange School Gateshead, six artists from EDAN and four postgraduate students from the IPPP. The exhibition showcases work inspired by the visit to CERN.
Whilst at CERN the group visited the ATLAS detector and the shear scale of the detector obviously made an impression. Two of the artworks produced by the Heworth Grange students depict the ATLAS Muon wheels. ‘Panels of the LHC’ an Oil on canvass by Lija and ‘Particle Accelerator’ a series of photographs of a collage of everyday objects by Charlotte and Adam demonstrate the variety of techniques employed in the artworks on display.
This is the fourth art exhibition hosted in the Ogden Centre. The first exhibition in July 2005, displayed the   work of Stephen Sproates, whose explores the links between art and science. In June 2006 we hosted a second exhibition, entitled The House of Strange Waves, by local artist Graham Head and in  November 2006 the artists of the East Durham Artists Network exhibited a range of two and three dimensional artworks in a variety of media themed on the artist’s response to the work of the IPPP and the Ogden Centre in general.