Steven Abel


Office: OC306

Tel: x43534


A list of my publications can be found in the inSpire database by clicking here

A selection of recent papers is
“Q-branes,” ArXiV: 1507.04557 (S.A. Abel and A. Kehagias)
“Towards a nonsupersymmetric string phenomenology,” Phys.Rev.D91 (2015) 126014 (S.A. Abel, I. Mavroudi and K.R. Dienes)
“Genetic Algorithms and the Search for Viable String Vacua,” JHEP 1408 (2014) 010 (S.A. Abel and J. Rizos)
“Natural Supersymmetry and Dynamical Flavour with Metastable Vacua,” JHEP 1407 (2014) 145 (S.A. Abel and M. McGarrie)
“Novel Higgs Potentials from Gauge Mediation of Exact Scale Breaking,” in Phys.Rev.D 89 (2014) 12, 125018, S. A. Abel and A. Mariotti
“Mapping Dirac Gaugino Masses,” JHEP 1311 (2013) 098 (S. A. Abel and D. Busbridge)

Research Area

My research is in the area of Beyond the Standard Model, supersymmetry and string model building and phenomenology. I spend much of my time thinking about what Nature may look like (and why) at energies to be probed at the LHC and beyond.

Research Interests

Why does the electron weigh 0.511 MeV/c^2? My overriding interest is in finding explanations for this and other fundamental constants and symmetries of Nature. Other examples include the breaking of CP, flavour symmetries, the hierarchy problem, and so on. I seek explanations within promising frameworks of physics Beyond the Standard Model. More recently I have been developing a programme of non-supersymmetric string phenomenology, to the extent that it is now possible to provide a UV completion of the Standard Model entirely within string theory. It is hoped that this approach will provide explanations for some of Nature’s most perplexing hierarchies.

Recent Talks

Conference talks:
Speaker at GGI Florence, Oct 2015
BUSSTEPP lectures on String Phenomenology, King’s College, London, Aug 2015
14th Marcel Grossman meeting, Rome, July 2015
Plenary at Planck ’15, Ioannina, May 2015
LahanasFest, Athens, January 2015
Seminars in 2015 at: ULB Brussels, Liverpool, IHP Paris, LMU Munich, Heidelberg, NBI Copenhagen, Sussex

My students

Ben Aaronson
Eirini (I) Mavroudi
and in Maths
Richard Stewart