Nigel Glover


Office: OC301

Tel: x43602

My interest in high energy particle physics dates from approximately 10.20 a.m. on the 17th November 1981 during a 3rd year lecture at Cambridge when Richard Ansorge explained that all matter was made of quarks and leptons. Shortly thereafter I began work on a Ph.D. under the enthusiastic direction of Professor Alan Martin FRS at Durham.

The main goals were (and still are) to study the fundamental forces and particles of nature using information gained in high energy particle physics experiments. My PhD thesis was titled Studies in high energy proton-antiproton collisions and involved identifying signatures of new particles – fourth generation leptons and supersymmetric particles. My research took me back to Cambridge (1985-87) and to the major international accelerator laboratories at CERN, Geneva (1987-89) and Fermilab, Batavia (1989-91). In 1991 I returned to Durham. I was promoted to Reader in 1996 and to Professor in 2002 and have held a PPARC Senior Fellowship (2003-6) and a Wolfson Research Merit Award (2008-13). I was Director of the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology (2005-10) and elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2013. In 2017, my work was recognised through the John William Strutt, Lord Rayleigh Medal and Prize by the UK Institute of Physics “for pioneering new methods for the application of perturbative quantum chromodynamics to high-energy processes involving energetic jets, leading to sophisticated simulation codes that are being used to describe LHC data.” Between 2017 and 2022 I was Head of the Physics Department.

Between 2014 and 2018 I coordinated the EU Framework 7 Initial Training Network HiggsTools which aimed to provide excellent initial training to young researchers in the field of high energy particle physics, paving the road for new discoveries about the fundamental nature of the Universe at a time when new discoveries are expected, and when the new Standard Model of Particle Physics is going to be forged. I was also the PI for an ERC Advanced Investigator Grant MCatNNLO (2014-2018) which aimed to make more precise predictions for physical observables at the LHC and other particle collider experiments, thereby leading to a more precise extraction of fundamental physics parameters, such as the couplings of the Higgs boson to other fundamental particles.


INSPIRE publications…(recent), Google Scholar, ORCID: 0000-0002-0173-4175, ResearcherID: A-4597-2012

Research Areas

  • Precison predictions for the LHC
  • Higgs boson phenomenology
  • Loop integrals

PhD Students

I have been very lucky to have had many excellent PhD students working with me over the years. Their thesis topics are listed below.

Name Thesis Title (Year Awarded) Papers Currently
Andrew Morgan Studies of Final State Photon Radiation at LEP (1994) Publications Postdoc UCLA, now private sector in US
David Miller Techniques for Evaluating One-Loop Feynman Diagrams and Their Application (1996) Publications Faculty, Glasgow University, Scotland
Aude De Ridder Radiative Corrections to the Photon + 1 Jet Rate at LEP (1997) Publications Faculty, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
John Campbell Higher Order Corrections to Multijet Production in Electron-Positron Annihilation (1998) Publications Faculty, Fermilab, USA
Matt Cullen Perturbative Predictions for 4 Jet Production at LEP and Prompt Photon Emission at the Tevatron (1999) Publications private sector
Babis Anastasiou Two loop integrals and QCD scattering (2001) Publications Faculty, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Maria Elena Tejeda-Yeomans Parton-Parton Scattering at Two-Loops (2001) Publications Faculty, University of Sonora, Mexico
Lee Garland Two-Loop Helicity Amplitudes in QCD (2002) Publications Postdoc Torino, now private sector
Thanos Koukoutsakis Higgs Bosons and QCD Jets at Two Loops (2003) Publications private sector
Tom Birthwright Two loop vertices and tree level multicollinear limits in QCD (2005) Publications private sector
Simon Badger On-Shell Methods for Perturbative QCD (2006) Publications Faculty, University of Torino, Italy
Nehir Ikizlerli Quark and Gluon Form Factors at Three Loops in Perturbative QCD (2009) Publications private sector
Ciaran Williams Hadronic productions of a Higgs boson in association with two jets at next-to-leading order (2010) Publications Faculty, State University of New York in Buffalo, USA
Joao Pires Infrared subtraction at next-to-next-to-leading order for gluonic initial states (2010) Publications Postdoc at ETH, then MPI and now IST Lisbon
James Currie Antenna Subtraction for NNLO Calculations at the LHC (2012) Publications Postdoc at UZH, then IPPP Durham and now Teaching
Steven Wells Infrared Structure of Dijet Production at the LHC (2013) Publications private sector
Xuan Chen Hadronic Production of a Higgs Boson in Association with a Jet at Next-to-Next-to-Leading Order (2015) Publications Faculty at Shandong University, China
Tom Morgan Precision Z Boson Phenomenology at the LHC (2016) Publications private sector
Juan Cruz-Martinez Next-to-Next-to-Leading Order QCD Corrections to Higgs Boson Production in Association with two Jets in Vector Boson Fusion (2018) Publications postdoc Milano and now CERN
Duncan Walker Higher Order QCD Corrections to Electroweak Boson Production at Colliders (2019) Publications private sector (BBC)
James Whitehead The Production of Pairs of Isolated Photons at Higher Orders in QCD (2021) Publications postdoc Krakow
Oscar Braun-White submitted Publications
Elliot Fox expected in 2026 Publications