Elliott Reid

Office: OC118

Tel: x43753

I am a PhD student at Durham University being supervised by David Cerdeño. I received my MPhys (Hons) from Durham University in 2017.


Surrogate Models for Direct Dark Matter Detection”, D.G. Cerdeño, A. Cheek, E. Reid, H. Schulz, JCAP 1808 no. 011 (2018)

How high is the neutino floor?” C. Boehm, D.G. Cerdeno, P.A.N. Machado, A. Olivares-Del Campo, E. Reid JCAP 1901 no. 043 (2019)

Research Area

My research has covered a range of topics related to the phenomenology of dark matter and neutrino physics. My primary focus has been the prospects of studying these two mysterious forms of matter through “direct detection” experiments. These experiments were originally designed to look for the signal of dark matter particles interacting with atoms here on Earth. However, as they become more sensitive, direct detection experiments will soon become an ideal laboratory to study a process which until 2017 had never been observed: coherent neutrino scattering. By studying the signals of neutrinos, produced in the Sun or through collisions of cosmic particles in the upper atmosphere, we can learn more about the properties of these particles, ultimately aiding us in our search for the next model of particle physics.

Research Interests

  • Dark Matter
  • Neutrino Physics
  • Astroparticle Physics
  • Supernova Dynamics