IPPP Associateships

March 5, 2019

IPPP invites applications from UK-based permanent academic staff for IPPP Associateships. Associateships are awarded to individuals or small teams, and are funded by the IPPP. Associateships are awarded bi-annually. The application deadline is either 1st of March or 1st of September.
The main objectives of the Associateship Programme are:
* provide support for small workshop(s) organised by the Associate, IPPP members, and others.
* enhance interactions and enable new collaborations between the Associate, the community, and the IPPP.
*support research visits (e.g. of a week) of the Associate and/or their students to IPPP and of IPPP staff/PDRA/students to the Associate’s institution.
More information, including details of recent awards, can be found at: https://www.ippp.dur.ac.uk/node/7583