Graduation ceremony for IPPP’s latest batch of PhDs

July 8, 2024

PhD Graduates

Dressed in the traditional gowns and  hosted in the incomparable venue that is Durham’s Cathedral, four of IPPPs latest students attended the Physics graduation ceremony. Prior to this event they had successfully defended their respective thesis in oral examinations:  Sofie Nordahl Erner (supervised by Martin Bauer) with examiners Danny Van Dyk and Sophie Renner; Guillaume Rostagni (supervised by Martin Bauer) with examiners Danny Van Dyk and Joerg Jaeckel; Tommy Smith (supervised by Benjamin Pecjak) with examiners Danny Van Dyk and Ken Mimasu; and Mia R. West (supervised by  Rodrigo Alonso) with examiners Michael Spannowsky and Timothy Cohen.

PhD Graduates et al.

While, in comparison to the viva, the ceremony lacks the nerve-racking, exciting, exhausting and eventually (and hopefully) exhilarating experience that is successfully standing behind your work of three years during several hours,  this events offers PhDs the chance to reflect on their achievement and we take this opportunity to congratulate them!