Farewell to Emerson Luna

July 31, 2008

After four months at the IPPP, funded by the Brazilian CNPq agency, Emerson Luna has left to take up a position as Professor adjunto (the equivalent of a UK lectureship) at the Universidade Federal de Pelotas (Federal University of  Pelotas)
As the accompanying map shows,  Pelotas is in the “Rio Grande do Sul” state/province at the southern tip of Brazil. He is aiming to start and build a research group on “Hadronic Physics”.
While at the IPPP, together with Professors Alan Martin, Valery Khoze and Misha Ryskin, Luna worked on diffractive dissociation and particularly a detailed analysis of existing “soft” scattering data using, in turn, the strong and weak triple-Pomeron coupling behaviours. His work is described in a research paper entitled “Diffractive dissociation re-visited for predictions at the LHC” co-authored with Martin, Khoze and Ryskin.