Costas Andreopoulos - RAL/Liverpool

Research: Global Tuning of the GENIE Neutrino Monte Carlo Generator.

Year: 2016- 2017

Lily Asquith - Sussex

Research: BSM Physics with Boosted Tops

Year: 2016- 2017

Clare Burrage - Nottingham

Research: Connecting Cosmology and Phenomenology.

Year: 2016- 2017

Greig Cowan - University of Edinburgh

Research: Exotic hadron spectroscopy

Year: 2016- 2017

Jeff Forshaw - Manchester

Research: Developing a new amplitude-level parton shower

Year: 2016- 2017

Marco Gersabeck - Manchester

Research: Discovery of Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry in the Charm Sector

Year: 2016- 2017

Sebastian Jaeger - Sussex

Research: Probing the TeV scale with mixing and rare decays

Year: 2016- 2017

Donal O'Connell - Edinburgh

Research: Applications of Six Dimensional Spinors.

Year: 2016- 2017

Steven Worm - Birmingham

Research: Dark Matter Interpretations for Direct Detection Experiments

Year: 2016- 2017

No-cost extensions from the previous year

Claire Gwenlan - Oxford
Mark Sutton - Oxford​

Research: Fast NNLO QCD predictions for LHC Run 2 and beyond

Research: Fast NNLO QCD predictions for LHC Run 2 and beyond

Chris Hays - Oxford

Research: Probing new physics with Higgs interactions

Georgia Karagiorgi (extension) - Manchester

Research: Searching for New Physics in the Neutrino Sector

Cristina Lazzeroni - Birmingham

Research: Search for new physics in Kaon Decays

Matthew Wingate - Cambridge

Research: B meson mixing and decays using Lattice QCD

Kenneth Long - Imperial

Research: Neutrino nucleus inclusive and exclusive cross section measurement using muon-derived beams