Search for a low mass Higgs boson at ATLAS




Glasgow U.


Closing Date:


Deadline: November 13th, 2007


The large hadron collider will start taking data in 2008 and one of its key aims will be finding the Higgs boson, the particle responsible for the mass of all other fundamental particles. Results from previous and current experiments indicate that the Higgs is light, making its discovery at the LHC extremely challenging. The Glasgow group is leading efforts within ATLAS collaboration to build robust strategies for discovering a low mass Higgs boson by developing analysis techniques for Higgs searches and characterising critical backgrounds such as tt+jets, and developing robust statistical techniques to combine early results from different Higgs decay channels.

The successful candidate will undertake exciting research within a strong Glasgow ATLAS group consisting of 5 academics, 3 Research Fellows, 8 RAs and 3 PhD students. The project will involve analysing data to search for the Higgs boson and participating in the operation of the experiment. They will be expected to travel for short trips to CERN, Geneva and will have the opportunity to spend extended periods at CERN.


Letters of Reference should be sent to: c.buttar@physics.gla.ac.uk