Experimental Particle Physics




Imperial Coll., London


Closing Date:


Deadline: August 7th, 2007


The High Energy Physics Group at Imperial College London invites applications for a Lecturer in High Energy Physics to lead the group's e-science activities related to its Experimental Particle Physics programme.

The Imperial High Energy group is one of the largest in the UK, with a broadly based experimental programme embracing the CMS & LHCb experiments, both currently preparing for data taking at the CERN LHC, active programmes with D0 at Fermilab and Babar at SLAC and a neutrino programme involving the T2K experiment in Japan and preparations for the SuperNEMO neutrinoless double beta decay experiment. Detector developments involve high granularity calorimetry for a linear collider detector and upgrades foreseen to the CMS tracking and triggering systems to take advantage of a high-luminosity LHC. The group has a substantial programme in accelerator science primarily directed towards a neutrino factory and muon collider. This includes a major participation in the MICE experiment at Rutherford laboratory to investigate muon cooling. The high data rates produced by these experiments demand an infrastructure based on the computing Grid to enable effective use of distributed computing resources and the group has been one of the most active in the GridPP collaboration. Further details can be found at http://www.hep.ph.imperial.ac.uk/.

The appointee will lead the group's e-science activities, establishing the necessary infrastructure for the experimental programme and continuing our participation in GridPP as it moves into its third phase. It is also anticipated that he/she will become an active participant in one of the group's experiments. The person appointed will have a PhD in experimental particle physics and proven expertise in the Grid area. The successful applicant will be based on the Imperial College South Kensington site and will teach at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in the Imperial College Physics Department.

For further information, and to apply, please see the url below.


Letters of Reference should be sent to: paula.brown@imperial.ac.uk