PhD positions in cosmology




Newcastle U., United Kingdom


Cora Uhlemann

Closing Date:


Deadline: January 31st, 2022


The Cosmology group at Newcastle University is looking to further expand by recruiting PhD students for several funded graduate studentships.

A quick summary of the opportunities for PhD studentships starting in 2022:
1. We have two prestigious Robinson Cosmology PhD studentships for which we offer projects ranging from early universe theory to late-time cosmology with applications to galaxy surveys. (Deadline 31 January)
2. We are also offering projects for one prestigious Lady Bertha Jeffrey’s PhD studentship in Theoretical Physics or Astrophysics ranging from black holes to galaxies and the cosmic web. (Deadline 31 January)

We are a dynamic research group covering cosmology and quantum gravity from the early to the late-time universe. We offer a vibrant environment for PhD students and postdocs with links to other areas of physics and observational astronomy. We value equality, diversity and inclusion and strive to promote it within our group and beyond.
You can find more detail about our research group, the different PhD studentships and connected projects on our webpage.

Contact: Cora Uhlemann

Letters of Reference should be sent to: cora.uhlemann@newcastle.ac.uk