PhD studentship on SNO+ supernova neutrino detection




Sussex U.


Clark Griffith

Closing Date:


Deadline: February 28th, 2022


Applications are invited from talented, creative, and motivated students for a PhD place in Experimental Particle Physics to join the Sussex group working on the SNO+ experiment under the supervision of Prof Simon JM Peeters. SNO+ is an exciting experiment: its primary goal is to address one of the key questions in particle physics at the moment: are neutrinos their own antiparticles? It does so by looking for an extremely rare nuclear decay: neutrinoless double-beta decay. If this decay happens, neutrinos must be their own antiparticle (Majorana particles). In addition, it offers a rich programme of neutrino- and related physics, which includes: studying neutrino oscillations by looking at the antineutrinos from reactors, looking into the Earth by the detection of antineutrinos of geological origin, and studying the Sun by looking at solar neutrinos. A very exciting prospect is also the possible observation of neutrinos from a galactic supernova, which would provide a wealth of information on both neutrinos and core-collapse supernova explosions. The experiment is located 2 km underground at research facility SNOLAB, in Canada. Data-taking commenced in 2017 and will continue for the duration of the PhD. The successful candidate is expected to work on the analysis of supernova neutrinos, the supernova trigger and the connection to SNEWS, the Supernova Early Warning System. The student will also spend some fraction of their time analysing data for the calibration of the experiment, as well as participating in SNO+ experimental operations. The project will involve spending an extended period of time at SNOLAB.
Funding is available for a September 2022 start which includes a tax-free bursary (£15,560 per annum in 2021/22) and fully paid tuition fees for 3.5 years. Additional financial support is provided to cover short-term and long-term travel. Interviews of shortlisted candidates will be held in February and March initially and will continue until positions are filled. Applications from self-funded students interested in available projects are also welcome at any time of the year.

For more details about the project, please contact Prof Simon Peeters: S.J.M.Peeters@sussex.ac.uk.
For practical questions about applications and/or eligibility for funding, please contact mps-pgrsupport@sussex.ac.uk
For academic questions please contact the coordinator of EPP PhD admissions, Dr W. Clark Griffith: W.C.Griffith@sussex.ac.uk
Please state in the Finance section of the online form that you are applying for STFC EPP studentships.

Contact: Clark Griffith

Letters of Reference should be sent to: w.c.griffith@sussex.ac.uk