Data, Numbers and Geometry 4




Thomas Oliver

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Conjectures can inspire new branches of pure mathematics and theoretical physics. They usually come from spotting patterns and applying instinct. Recently, there has been a surge of interest in using automated pattern detection to help humans form conjectures. Because in mathematics there are no coincidences, mathematical data is immune from the false positives and false negatives that plague physical measurement.
In this two-day workshop, the London Institute brings together physicists and mathematics to explore how AI can speed up theoretical research. The topics addressed range from geometry to string theory to representation theory.
This is the fourth in the series of annual DANGER workshops (Data, Numbers, Geometry and Representation theory). The series was created by Alexander Kasprzyk from Nottingham University, Thomas Oliver from Westminster University, and Yang-Hui He from the London Institute. This year we also have Kyu-Hwan Lee from University of Connecticut as a co-organizer.