(Re)interpretation of the LHC results for new physics




Araz, Jack Yakup

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This is the 8th general workshop of the “Forum on the interpretation of the LHC results for BSM studies”, or LHC Reinterpretation Forum (RIF) for short. It aims to review new developments on the tools, phenomenology, and experimental sides and to prepare for the Run 3 results of the LHC. In this context, the major topics of this workshop will be: 

  1. Storage and (re)usage of theoretical predictions, including event samples
  2. The communication and reuse of statistical and machine-learned models
  3. The combined/global interpretation of searches and measurements 

We also aim for a joint session with the LHC EFT working group in this context.
Continuing the conversation from the last workshop session, we will also continue the conversation on general best practices for the publication and reuse of experimental results beyond the LHC and therefore welcome contributions regarding results from, e.g., intensity-frontier or astrophysical experiments.

Background: The RIF aims to discuss topics related to the BSM (re)interpretation of LHC data, including the development of the necessary public recasting tools and related infrastructure, and to provide a platform for continuous interaction between theorists and with the experiments. So far, seven general workshops have been held at CERN, Fermilab, and Imperial College London. They resulted in the 2020 report on Reinterpretation of LHC Results for New Physics: Status and recommendations after Run 2arXiv:2003.07868, and the white paper on Publishing statistical models: Getting the most out of particle physics experimentsarXiv:2109.04981 (both published in SciPost Physics), which will be the basis of this meeting.