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Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology

The Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology (IPPP) is a leading international centre for research in particle physics phenomenology - the bridge between theory and experiment in the study of the tiny building blocks of all matter in the universe and of the fundamental forces that operate between them.

We are trying to understand what happens when elementary particles are smashed into each other at very high energies and we provide the theory and analysis behind experiments carried out at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a gigantic particle accelerator built 100m underground on the Swiss/French border at Geneva. We are seeking answers to some of the Universe’s greatest secrets such as the existence and the properties of the elusive Higgs boson, which is the final but crucial ingredient of the Standard Model. We are also working on the ambitious quest of identifying, predicting and studying physics scenarios beyond the Standard Model. This quest is closely related with the mysteries surrounding antimatter and dark matter, the possibility of supersymmetry, new fundamental forces and even the very modifications of the structure of space-time at very high energies.

The IPPP is a joint venture of Durham University and the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). Members of the IPPP also belong to the Centre for Particle Theory in Durham, based jointly in the Departments of Physics and Mathematical Sciences.

The IPPP forms part of the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics, housed in a new building adjacent to the Physics Department. The building was officially opened by the Prime Minister on 18th October 2002, and the Inauguration Day for the Ogden Centre took place on 15th November 2002.

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A weighty interpretation of the Galactic Centre excess
Celine Boehm, Matthew J. Dolan and Christopher McCabe

Multiparticle Higgs and Vector Boson Amplitudes at Threshold
Valentin V. Khoze

Updated Higgs cross section at approximate N$^3$LO
Marco Bonvini, Richard D. Ball, Stefano Forte, Simone Marzani and Giovanni Ridolfi

On new physics in $\Delta \Gamma_d$
Christoph Bobeth, Ulrich Haisch, Alexander Lenz, Ben Pecjak and Gilberto Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi

Natural Supersymmetry and Dynamical Flavour with Metastable Vacua
Steven Abel and Moritz McGarrie

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CERN experiments observe particle consistent with long-sought Higgs boson
04/07/2012 - Both ATLAS and CMS claim a discovery with about 5 sigma significance

CERN update on Higgs search
04/07/2012 - CERN will hold a scientific seminar at 8:00 GMT on 4 July to deliver the latest update in the search for the Higgs boson.

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03/12/2013 Stirling Lecture
15/10/2013 - This year’s lecture will be given by John Ellis and is entitled "Beyond the Higgs Boson".

Launch of Senior Experimental Fellowships
02/10/2013 - Awarded to three UK teams

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YETI 2014
Sun 12 Jan 2014 -
Wed 15 Jan 2014

ATLAS & CMS - IPPP Senior Experimental Fellowship kick-off Workshop
Wed 15 Jan 2014 -
Fri 17 Jan 2014

Higgs-Maxwell Particle Physics Workshop
Wed 26 Feb 2014 -
Wed 26 Feb 2014

50 Years of CP violation
Thu 10 Jul 2014 -
Fri 11 Jul 2014

Jet vetoes and multiplicity observables
Wed 16 Jul 2014 -
Fri 18 Jul 2014