Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology


IPPP research normally appears in web accessible preprint form on the arXiv prior to publication in a refereed journal. Since the formation of the IPPP, our output has more than doubled!

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Resolving the Higgs-Gluon Coupling with Jets
Malte Buschmann, Christoph Englert, Dorival Goncalves, Tilman Plehn and Michael Spannowsky

Impact of Semi-annihilation of Z3 Symmetric Dark Matter with Radiative Neutrino Masses
Mayumi Aoki and Takashi Toma

Selectron NLSP in Gauge Mediation
Lorenzo Calibbi, Alberto Mariotti, Christoffer Petersson and Diego Redigolo

Boosted Higgs Shapes
Matthias Schlaffer, Michael Spannowsky, Michihisa Takeuchi, Andreas Weiler and Chris Wymant

Resummed Higgs cross section at N$^3$LL
Marco Bonvini and Simone Marzani