Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology
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Future Neutrino Factory

S. F. King Neutrino oscillations: status, prospects and opportunities at a neutrino factory
E. Leader The impact of a neutrino factory upon our knowledge of the internal structure of the nucleon
T.R. Edgecock and K. Peach The neutrino factory: machine and detectors


Beyond the Standard Model

S. Pokorski Physics of extra dimensions as the infrared limit of four-dimensional theories
I. Hinchliffe and P. Richardson Supersymmetric models and collider signatures
M. Quiros Electroweak symmetry breaking and large extra dimensions
G.L. Kane and D.D. Doyle CP violation beyond the standard model
D.M. Ghilencea and H.-P. Nilles Stability of the Higgs mass in theories with extra dimensions
S.F. King and D.A.J. Rayner SUSY, inflation and the origin of matter in the universe


Future physics at HERA

T. Greenshaw and M. Kleins The future of lepton-nucleon scattering: a summary of the Durham workshop, December 2001


Multiparticle production in QCD jets

J. R. Andersen et al Multiparticle production in QCD jets


Advanced Statistical Techniques in Particle Physicss

A.M. Cooper-Sarkar Uncertainties on parton distribution functions from the ZEUS NLO QCD fit to data on deep inelastic scattering
P.F. Harison Blind analysis
A.L. Read Presentation of search results: the CL technique
R.S. Thorne Uncertainties in parton related quantities
R.S. Thorne, H. Bottcher, A.M. Cooper-Sarkar, B. Reisert, V. Shekelyan, W.J. Stirling, D.R. Stump and A. Vogt Questions on uncertainties in parton distributions
D.R. Tovey and N.J.T. Smith Statistical issues in dark matter detection
B. Yabsley Statistical practice at the Belle experiment, and some questions