Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology


The IPPP is involved in a wide variety of projects including thematic research and training networks funded by the European Community's Sixth Framework Programme (ARTEMIS, FLAVIAnet, HEPTOOLS, MCnet, The Quest For Unification: Theory Confronts Experiment and UniverseNet).

We are also leading the Neutrino and the Fundamental Laws of Nature project funded by the UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) to promote scientific exchanges and collaborations between the UK and India.

We participate in a range of e-Science activities funded by STFC.

GRIDPP is a collaboration of Particle Physicists and Computing Scientists from the UK and CERN, who are building a Grid for Particle Physics and supports

  • scotgrid  is a collaboration between Durham, Edinburgh and Glasgow to form a Tier 2 Grid site and provide computing resources to particle physicists
  • phenogrid  is a collaboration of UK Particle Physics Phenomenologists who are developing the phenomenological tools necessary to interpret the events produced by the LHC. are a part of the GRIDPP project.

The HEPDATA project has been based in Durham for more than 25 years and provides a database of high-energy physics data

The CEDAR project aims to combine the strengths of HEPDATA  and the innovative JetWeb data comparison facility, and exploiting developing computing grid technology.