Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology

Neutrino and the Fundamental Laws of Nature (2007-2011) 

In the recent past, crucial experimental results obtained in neutrino physics have revolutionized the knowledge of the fundamental constituents of Nature, the elementary particles. Our understanding of neutrinos is of crucial importance as it can shed new light on the basic laws of Nature. Both in India and in UK there are numerous world experts in the field of theoretical and experimental neutrino physics. The main aim of the project is to initiate, sustain and promote the existing and the future collaborations among the neutrino scientists from various UK and Indian institutions.

The project SA (06-07)-68 is funded by the UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) under contract IND/CONT/06-07/174E to promote these collaborations. Specifically we will
i) provide opportunities to meet and discuss topics of common interest and confront different problems.
ii) sustain the collaborations with funding for short term and long term visits.
iii) present our results at international conferences, workshops and publish them in peer review journals.
iv) put strong emphasis in utilizing the great expertise available in both countries in training of the Ph.D. students.

The IPPP coordinator for the UKIERI project is Nigel Glover

The web page for the UKIERI project is here