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Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology


Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology
Department of Physics, Durham University
Science Laboratories, South Rd,
Durham, DH1 3LE, United Kingdom

Office: Ogden Center 322
Email: richard.ruiz@durham.ac.uk
Phone: +44-(0)191-33-43798

Richard E. Ruiz, PhD

(NuPhys 2016)


I am a high energy physicist and collider theorist. My primary research focuses on understanding the origin of tiny, nonzero neutrino masses and tests of neutrino mass models (Seesaw models) at collider experiments, such as the Large Hadron Collider. This includes extended gauge sectors (LR-Symmetric, GUT models), scalar sectors (SU(2)L doublets and triplets), and fermionic sectors (SU(2)L singlets and triplets). I have a particular interest in collider signatures involving initial-state vector bosons (vector boson fusion/scattering) and the impact of (resummed) QCD corrections on collider processes.

A list of my publications can be found via inSPIRE HEP.

UFO files for Heavy N @ NLO in QCD are available from the FeynRules Heavy N page.
For Effective LRSM @ NLO, see the FeynRules EffLRSM page.
For generic W'/Z' @ NLO, see the FeynRules WZPrimeAtNLO page.

Science Outreach

Public outreach is important. It is a way for scientists to communicate with non-scientists, but also a way for students to learn about the latest and greatest in a field. I am a contributor to the physics blog Quantum Diaries (of Big Bang Theory fame). You can also find me on my outreach Twitter account @BraveLittleMuon.

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