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Selected Works:

(Note: Authorship in HEP is alphabetical)
  • Lepton Number Violation: Seesaw Models and Their Collider Tests (Review),
    Y. Cai, T. Han, T. Li, RR, [arXiv:1711.02180]

  • Neutrino Jets from High-Mass WR Gauge Bosons in TeV-Scale Left-Right Symmetric Models,
    M. Mitra, RR, D. J. Scott, M. Spannowsky, PRD94, 095016 (2016), [arXiv:1607.03504]
    Introduced the concept of hadronically decaying, high-pT heavy neutrinos; WR production at NLO+NNLL

  • Heavy Majorana Neutrinos from Wγ Fusion at Hadron Colliders,
    D. Alva, T. Han, RR, JHEP 02, 072 (2015), [arXiv:1411.7305]
    Formalism for treating and matching initial-state photons (photon PDFs) at all photon virtualities

  • Fully-Automated Precision Predictions for Heavy Neutrino Production Mechanisms at Hadron Colliders,
    C. Degrande, O. Mattelear, RR, J. Turner, PRD94, 053002 (2016), [arXiv:1602.06957]
    Systematic and infrared/collinear-safe treatment of leading heavy neturino production channels, and at NLO in QCD

  • Hadron Collider Tests of Neutrino Mass-Generating Mechanisms, RR [arXiv:1509.06375]
    PhD thesis. University of Pittsburgh, April 2015. 220 pages. First heavy neutrino at NLO predictions

  • Measurements of Selection Efficiencies for Z→ee & Z'SM→ee in 7 TeV pp Collisions at the CMS Detector, RR, University of Chicago Honors B. A. Thesis (2009)

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