Meeting February 27, 2004, CERN, room 40-5-A01

Mihoko Nojiri
Full Reconstruction at LHC

Gudi Moortgat-Pick (Klaus Desch)
Susy parameter determination in combined analyses at LHC/LC

Philip Bechtle, Peter Wienemann (Klaus Desch)
Fittino: An iterative approach to fit SUSY parameters to the observables

Dirk Zerwas
SUSY Parameter Determination with SFITTER

Frank Deppisch, Jan Kalinowski
Supersymmetric Lepton Flavour Violation at LHC and LC

Filip Zarnecki
Interplay of LHC, LC and PLC in testing the 2HDM(II) for Higgs masses between 200 and 350 GeV

Klaus M"onig
Update on the Strong Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Chapter