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Prof. Valya Khoze
Prof. Steven Abel


Unusual approaches to BSM phenomenology
Supersymmetry, Electric-Magnetic Dualities

Current Projects

Dirac Gauginos
Gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking


Gauge Mediated SUSY Breaking: a five minute talk given at BUSSTEPP 2011 that introduces a simple model of gauge mediation with messengers. The talk involved some board work and so some slides may seem to not follow immediately from eachother.
SUSY Breaking, N=1/2 Hybrid Models and the Nature of the *.inos: A thirty minute talk given at YTF 2011 motivating a full U(1)_R symmetry preserved at the weak scale and how related Dirac masses for the gauginos and Higgsinos arise from allowing the gauge and the Higgs sector to live in representations of N = 2 SUSY whilst the chiral content remaining in representations of N = 1.
SUSY Breaking and the Nature of the *.inos: A seminar motivating supersymmetry, a continuous R-symmetry, and the impact of such a symmetry on the gaugino sector. A fully R-symmetric theory is then discussed, and a UV completion with messengers is briefly covered.
Exact spectrum generators across strong dynamics: a five minute talk given at the International School Cargese 2012 outlining ways of extracting information about soft SUSY breaking (specifically - matching deep IR/UV scalar masses squared and majorana gaugino masses) across strong coupling with Seiberg-like dualities. A program on how it could be possible to include more SUSY breaking terms (such as A-terms and Dirac gaugino masses) may be possible if one considers an explicitly broken N=2 SUSY setup.


SUSY Ogden@10: An outreach poster produced for an Alumni event giving an overview of supersymmetry.

Assorted Documents

Toy Regularization: a short document written for a friend demonstrating how a regulator can be used to help calculate integrals. Here, an integral is chosen that is both well behaved but can and also be written as the sum of two integrals where one is IV divergent and one is UV divergent. The IR and UV integrals are performed seperately with the help of a regulator. The sum of these regulated integrals is then shown to agree with the the full analytic result in the limit of removing the regulators.
Coleman-Mandula no-go theorem: a not-so-short document written to help me understand how Coleman and Mandula arise at their surpising conclusion that the only symmetry generators (obeying a Lie Algebra) consistent in a theory with scattering (and a few other reasonable assumptions) are those of the Poincare group, as well as those who generate internal symmetries (and so commute with all generators of the Poincare group). This document follows Appendix B in Weinberg Vol III but tries to fill in the gaps in the proof presented. Warning: there are almost certainly errors in the document.


I am a workshop demonstrator and marker for the 2nd year physics module Theoretical Physics 2. The course is split into two:
Classical Mechanics in the Michaelmas Term covers the Hamiltonian and Lagrangian formulations of classiclal mechanics.
Quantum Mechanics in the Epiphany Term covers the Dirac notation of Quantum Mechanics, the differences between the Schrodinger and Heisenberg pictures of Quantum Mechanics, and the application to problems e.g. quantized angular momentum.

If you are in my tutorial group, please feel free to email me with any problems you might be having and I will try and give some guidance.

Hobbies and Interests

Beyond physics, I enjoy both playing and writing music. Here is a list of projects/bands I am (have been) involved in:

Spacehorse main site myspace - a progressive rock superhero musical
Digital Earth myspace facebook bandcamp - a progressive rock soundscapes with melodic hooks, similar to Genesis
The Sombrero Principle myspace facebook - progressive technical metal, similar to Dream Theater
Madame Butterfly myspace - glam rock with proggy streaks, kind of Queen-like

As well as music, I do a range of sports. I particularly enjoy long distance running and participate in half-marathons. I also enjoy racquet sports, and mainly play squash, although I do also play badminton although more casually.