65th Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics: LHC Physics




Where is the School?


The School will take place in the Purdie building, School of Chemistry  (green circle on the map), which is located on the North Haugh just outside the main part of the town of St Andrews, directly opposite the Old Course Hotel. Accommodation will be provided in the John Burnet Hall (red circle on the map), which is only 200 meters from the School site.























How to get to the School in St Andrews

Almost all participants will find it convenient to travel via Edinburgh, whether they come by car, by air or by rail. This travel information should enable all participants to organise their journey to St. Andrews, in particular for arrival on Sunday August 16. The schematic diagram should help participants to plan their route. Although some of the information is taken from recently published timetables we cannot guarantee complete accuracy and therefore participants should check relevant information with their travel agents at the time of booking.

There will be free coach transport provided for the convenience of those participants who may wish to be transferred from either Edinburgh or Leuchars to John Burnet Hall (Section 2). Access to rooms will be from 14.00 onwards on Sunday August 16. There will be a buffet dinner at 19.30. Those who let us know they are arriving later than 20.30 will be provided with a cold evening meal.