Confirmed Speakers and preliminary talks

The days are split into two sessions, each with its own theme and area of focus. The preliminary sessions are given below

Opening Session
Joe Incandela (Santa Barbara)
Takaaki Kajita (Tokyo University)

Theme: The status of the flavour problem
Brajesh Choudhary (University of Delhi)--Mass Hierarchy and CP violation from Long baseline experiments.
Benjamin Grinstein (UC San Diago) --A perspective on the flavour problem
Vincenzo Cirigliano (Los Alamos) --A review of Lepton flavour violating processes

Theme: The neutrino mass hierarchy: How will we determine it?
Wei Wang (College of William and Mary) --Determining the mass hierarchy from reactors
TBA -- The determination of the mass hierarchy from PINGU and ORCA
Alessandro Mirizzi (II. Institute for TP)--The mass hierarchy from supernova neutrinos
Pedro Machado (IFT-Madrid)

Theme: Neutrino masses beyond the Standard Model
Patrick Decowski (UC, Berkeley) --Current status of Neutrinoless double beta decay searches
Shaaban Khalil (Center for TP, Zewail)--Neutrino masses from TeV scale physics
TBA --Searching for neutrino mass models at the LHC

Theme: Is the standard 3 neutrino mixing picture correct?
Guillaume Mention --Reactor anomalies and searches of sterile neutrinos in experiments at very short baseline
Yvonne Wong (RWTH Aachen)--Neutrino Cosmology
TBA --Near Detectors
Alexander Friedland (Los Alamos)--Testing non-standard interactions at the LHC

Theme: Energy scale in Dark Matter, Neutrinos and the Higgs
TBA -- Different scales for Higgs physics
Sacha Davidson (IPN de Lyon) --Different energy scales at the origin of neutrino masses
Michel Tytgat (ULB) --Confronting different mass scales for dark matter
Patrick Fox (Fermilab)--Searches of dark matter at the LHC

Theme: Tests of Dark Matter
Teresa Marrodan (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik)--Review of direct detection experiments
Anne Green (University of Nottingham)--Galactic distributions
Elena Aprile (Columbia University)
TBA --New ideas in dark matter models and their tests

Theme: Exotic models of Dark Matter
Gabriela Zaharijas (ICTP) --Indirect DM detection
Maxim Pospelov (Perimeter Inst. Theor. Phys.) --Particle dark matter models beyond minimal WIMPs
Joerg Jaeckel (ITP Heidelberg)--Review of light DM and hidden photons
Carlos Frenk (ICC Durham)--WDM vs CDM: Large scale structure simulations

Theme: Alternatives to vanilla cosmology
TBA --New results from Planck
Christoph Wetterich (Heidelberg U.) --Models and tests of DM/DE interactions
TBA --New perspectives on the origin of the Matter-antimatter asymmetry
Olga Mena (Valencia U., IFIC) --Review of Dark Energy in non-minimal models