International Workshop on Particle Physics and the Early Universe

Ambleside, Lake District, U.K.
August 25-29, 2003


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COSMO-03 is a workshop covering recent developments at the interface of particle physics and cosmology. Information on previous workshops can be found at


A jpg poster for this year's COSMO can be downloaded, with more (1MB) or less (1KB) resolution.

There will be plenary talks in the morning, parallel sessions in the afternoon, and ample time for discussion and interaction. A draft programme can be found here.

The following plenary speakers have been invited:

B Bassett H-P Nilles
L Baudis F Halzen M Peloso
R Brandenburger R Kolb A Strumia
P Brax M Laine J Terning
M Drees J E Kim A Watson
G Efstathiou W Kinney M Tegmark
K Enqvist D Langlois L Verde
A C Davis T Moroi T Wiseman

There will be parallel sessions on early universe cosmology , baryogenesis, late universe cosmology, the CMB, cosmic rays, inflation, neutrinos, and dark matter.
If you wish to speak, please contact the conveners of the relevant session.

Any queries contact the local organising committee or Linda Wilkinson.

Who is the local organising committee?
Sacha Davidson, Ruth Gregory,
and Ed Copeland, Andrew Liddle, David Lyth, Ignacio Navarro, Leszek Roszkowski, Jose Santiago, Veronica Sanz