large N@swansea

July 7-10 2009


The topics covered by the workshop will be centered on the recent progress in the study of strongly-coupled dynamics by using large-N methods, with emphasis on the  phenomenological perspective, but also on the formal development of analytical and numerical techniques.

We aim at bringing together a medium-size body of people from the three communities of phenomenologist, formal theorists and lattice theorist to discuss and compare results and ideas, in particular  related to the possible  signals of strongly coupled new physics at the LHC.

Speakers include:  Thomas Appelquist (Yale), Barak Bringoltz (Seattle), Aleksey Cherman (Maryland), Thomas Cohen (Maryland), Luigi Del Debbio (Edinburgh), Massimo D'Elia (Genova), Nick Evans (Southampton), Walter Goldberger (Yale), Carlos Hoyos (Seattle), Dan Israel (IAP, Paris), Francesco Nitti (Paris), Carlos Nunez (Swansea), Alex Pomarol (Barcelona), Francesco Sannino (Odense), Marco Serone (SISSA), Mikhail Shifman (Minnesota), Michael Teper (Oxford), Mithat Unsal (SLAC), Ettore Vicari (Pisa), Lawrence Yaffe (Seattle), Ho-Ung Yee (Trieste).


Conference sponsered by: WIMCS, IoP, IPPP, STFC, EPSRC, Transtec Computers.

Please note that participation is by invitation only.