SUSY Breaking 09

International workshop on supersymmetry and supersymmetry breaking


OgdenBuildingFront20-24 April 2009
IPPP, Durham, UK

The meeting will focus on new ideas in the field of supersymmetry breaking.
Topics to be discussed include

  • Models of gauge mediation and direct mediation
  • Dynamical supersymmetry breaking
  • Seiberg duality, duality cascades and nonperturbative dynamics
  • R symmetry and its breaking
  • The mu and B mu problems
  • String theory realisations of supersymmetry breaking


Supersymmetry continues to be the most compelling candidate for BSM physics. Various recent
developments, in particular the discovery of metastable SUSY breaking vacua in SQCD, and
applications to dynamical SUSY breaking and gauge mediation have reinvigorated the debate.
This workshop will bring together some of the leading experts in the field, with the aim of stimulating
in-depth discussions of the results and ideas in this rapidly developing area.

Organising Committee

S. Abel (Durham)
C. Csaki (Cornell)
V. V. Khoze (Durham)


Workshop Secretariat

Linda Wilkinson,
Tel. +44 191 334 3811



The Workshop is organised and supported by the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology of Durham University.