LHC / LC Study Group meeting, July 5, CERN
Room 40-SS-A01, 10:30 a.m



      Intro (5')
      G. Weiglein

      ATLAS status report (30')
      G. Polesello

      Squark and gluino mass determinations (20')
      A. Tricomi (talk given by A. De Roeck)

      Influence of the neutralino_1 mass precision on the H->neut_2neut_2 decay reconstruction (15')
      F. Moortgat

      Extrapolation of low-energy input to phyiscs at high scales (20')
      W. Porod

      Required accuracy to separate SUSY models (15')
      B. Allanach

      Stops / Sbottoms in the NMSSM (15')
      W. Porod

      Heavy Higgs from the LHC and LC precision data (20')
      S. Heinemeyer

      Radion-Higgs mixing implications for LHC and LC studies (15')
      M. Battaglia

      Analysis of Z' based on LEP1 data and extrapolation to LC/LHC showing the complementarity (20')
      F. Richard

      Determination of alpha_s (10')
      M. Winter

      Plans for studies in fermion-pair production: electroweak precision measurements, Z', extra dimensions (10')
      D. Bourilkov

      Single Top production (20')
      S. Weinzierl

      Improving the H->gamma gamma background prediction by using combined collider data (10')
      T. Binoth

      Discussion (25')




  List of participants:

      B. Allanach
      P. Bambade
      M. Berggren
      T. Binoth
      D. Bourilkov
      M. Carena
      A. De Roeck
      J. Ellis
      F. Gianotti
      R. Godbole
      H. Haber
      T. Hurth
      S. Heinemeyer
      M. Kraemer
      S. Kraml
      M. Krawczyk
      D. Miller
      K. Moenig
      G. Moortgat-Pick
      S. Moretti
      G. Polesello
      W. Porod
      S. Riemann
      M. Schumacher
      A. Sopczak
      A. Tricomi
      C. Wagner
      G. Weiglein
      S. Weinzierl
      A. Werthenbach
      M. Winter
      P. Zerwas

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