Buckleyinos Production at Atlas

The Young Experimentalists and Theorists Institute aims to gather UK HEP aims to promote interaction between the two halves of the PP community at the early career stage and encourage interest in phenomenology. Talks and discussion sessions are at a non-expert/intermediate level.

The emphasis of YETI'06 was on making the link between analysing from current collider experiments and the challenge of new physics at the LHC, whose start-up is rapidly approaching. YETI'06 took the form of two meetings.

January's meeting focused on Beyond the Standard Model physics in particular SUSY. Topics for discussion included: a bottom up approach to the MSSM and its parameters, SUSY breaking scenarios and limit setting/interpretation. These sessions were supplemented with computing classes using the packages SOFTSUSY and ISASUSY. Using these tools participants were able to explore the relations between GUT scale SUSY parameters, like m0, m1/2, and electroweak scale sparticle spectra and decays. Feedback on this meeting is summarised here.

The vast majority of postdocs and students in collider physics use Monte Carlo event generators in their everyday work. Despite this we identified that essentially no formal training is available regarding this topic and so we sought to address the matter. Therefore, following the success of YETI'05, the second meeting in March focused, once more, on Monte Carlo event generators. The workshop involved a set of introductory lectures given by Professor Torbjorn Sjostrand, author of the well-known PYTHIA event generator, as well as other, more specialized talks, also by leading experts in the field. As in previous YETI meeings, computing classes were used to reinforce material covered in the talks and lectures. New and important Monte Carlo tools were also introduced. Feedback on this meeting is summarised here.

The meeting was sponsored by the IPPP; meals, accomodation and travel with in the UK was provided free of charge.

Local Organizing committee: Andy Buckley, Nigel Glover, David Grellscheid, Keith Hamilton, & Peter Richardson.
January Organizing committee: Tracey Berry, Sinead Farrington, Katherine George, Richard Hodgson, Sarah Malik
March Organizing committee: Andy Rimmer, Mohamed Dehchar, Claire Gwenlan, Aidan Robson, Michele Petteni.