UK BSM Higgs 2013

UK BSM Higgs 2013 Meeting


This is the first UK BSM Higgs Meeting

The goal of this meeting is to review and discuss what we have learned in light of the discovery of the Higgs boson and Run 1 of the LHC with a particular focus on Beyond-the-Standard-Model physics.

Topics to be discussed include

    Composite Higgs
    Support to Experiments
    Searches for extra Higgses

The workshop will take place at the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology in Durham

Arrival is in the afternoon of Monday 2 September, departure is after lunch on September 4 2013. There will be a conference dinner on the evening of Tuesday September 3 for all participants.

Local organization

    Matthew Dolan
    Veronica Sanz
    Michael Spannowsky

Registration is open until the end of August 2013