Jet Vetoes and Jet Multiplicity Observables at the LHC



We collect here the questions that people have been suggesting:

  • What are the measurements that could be useful for tuning and validation of the Monte Carlos at LO and beyond? Which are the interesting and useful variables and which topologies?
  • Which are the theoretical predictions we should be comparing against? And which are the Monte Carlo generators of interest?
  • Which are the theoretical uncertainties we should take into account?
  • How should I compare my ttbar jet-multiplicity cross-section measurement with theory results
  • Which objects/variables are sensible enough to the jet radiation in ttbar events in order to perform a check of this property in different MC generators using data

Proposed discussion topics:

  • A discussion on "effective" jet vetos, or observables which act like a jet veto, some of which are used and very relevant for the H+2jet selection category. More specifically which are the most useful, how are they described in analytic resummation and to what extent are they preferable to the standard central jet veto.
  • A discussion on the N-jet distribution in general. This would obviously have something to do with scaling and the question first to the theoretical community is along the lines of "to what extent can we improve generic jet rate predictions in accuracy and how could this (un)confirm simple extrapolations of n-jet rates". For the experimental members the question would be something along the lines of "where/why can/should n-jet distributions be measured".