Euroflavour 08

Annual Workshop and Mid-Term Review Meeting of the European Flavour Physics Network FLAVIAnet


OgdenBuildingFront22-26 September 2008
IPPP, Durham, UK




EuroFlavour08 will begin with the annual workshop of European Flavour Physics Network FLAVIAnet.

The meeting will cover the subjects of the six working groups of FLAVIAnet, namely:

  • Kaon decays
  • Β-physics
  • τ-charm and quarkonia
  • Analytic approaches to QCD
  • Lattice methods and results
  • Radiative return and Monte Carlo tools

The programme for EuroFlavour08 on Thursday 25th September will be devoted to the Mid-Term Review of FLAVIAnet.  This will comprise presentations on the working of the network, on the activities of each node, with a particular focus on the role of the Young Researchers funded by the network.

See here for the scope of FLAVIAnet.

Advisory Committee
P. Ball (Durham)
J. Bijnens (Lund)
N. Brambilla (Milan)
G. Colangelo (Bern)
H. Czyz (Silesia)
M. Davier (LAL Orsay)
G. Isidori (INFN)
M. Knecht (Marseille)
J. Kühn (Karlsuhe)
U. Nierste (Karlsruhe)
E. Pallante (Groningen)
A. Pich (Valencia)
R. Sommer (DESY Zeuthen)

Local organisers
Michael Pennington
Linda Wilkinson



Workshop Secretariat
Linda Wilkinson,
Tel. +44 191 334 3811



The Workshop is organised and supported by the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology of Durham University.